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Some key terms for removal services

Access - This is one of the most important things to consider when moving your belongings or moving house. Access is the term used to describe how difficult it will be for a removal expert in Bath to move items from their location, to the vehicle and then removing the vehicle so that it may reach its destination.

Blanket Wrapping - This is the term used to describe the method used to pack most furniture as to avoid any damage whilst the items are in transit.

Bonded Warehouse - This is the place that will temporarily store items which have been removed that have not gained custom cleared status. Any items you have removed or which you own should meet the local custom specifications.

Cartons - Cartons are the boxes used to transport your belongings. They are specialised boxes designed to protect your smaller items during both removal and in transit.

Containerised Vehicle - These are specialised removal vehicles which carry a number of storage containers that can be both loaded and unloaded by your removal expert in Bath at your residence.

Domestic - This is the term used to describe your move when you are moving within the same county or country.

Fire Insurance Cover - The protection you are usually given to protect your losses if your items are damaged by fire in transit.

Full Cover - This is when your insurance is detailed and includes cover for loss, theft, fire and breakage.

Home Packing - This is an option you may choose to take advantage of. It describes the process of packing all of your belongings yourself, before the removal experts get there to transport your goods. However, a trained removal expert in Bath will be able to pack your items usually in a safer manner, and most of the time an insurance policy will not cover you if you have packed your things yourselves.

Materials - In this case, materials describes the items used to package your belongings. For example, crates, cartons, bubble wrap or blankets. They are all used accordingly to protect your things during both removal and transit.

Part Load - This applies when you only wish to move a small number of items. Instead of hiring a removal team or a removal vehicle, you only pay for a certain space that your items will occupy in a removal vehicle.

Transit Time - The time indicated between the moment the removal experts in Bath collect your belonging to the time that they deliver them at their new destination.

House Removals Bath

House Removals Bath

House Removals Bath

House Removals Bath