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We have many years of experience as a removal company in Bath: The following are just a few tips you might like to take into consideration when moving your belongings to another location, whether moving house or putting items into storage.  



If you hire a removal company in Bath they will need access to and from the front door of your house. It is advised that you inform your neighbours that a removal vehicle will be situated outside your home for a certain period of time. If the road you live on does not have adequate parking then you may be responsible for obtaining a parking permit for the removal vehicle.



Make sure that your cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge, freezer and so on is all empty before moving them. Any large appliances should ideally be disconnected, drained and dried before being moved.



You should always be present at the removal of your items. That way you can ensure that nothing that you wish to be taken has been left behind and you can make sure that the driver has the correct destination address to take your belongings to.


You can purchase boxes specially designed to transport your items of clothing. Wardrobe cartons are available which contain both an adequate drop and a pole from which to hang the clothes on the inside. This way any items of clothing can be fully protected during transit, and shouldn't even need ironing at the other end.


If you are moving house then you should try to correctly dispose of any flammable liquids or materials several days or weeks before you make the move. Some removal experts are unable to dispose of these for you as their insurance does not cover it.


If you so wish, you can go on and pack china, ornaments, glass and the like yourselves. However, you can leave them on shelves or in cupboards and the removal team will pack them for you, safely and securely to avoid damage during transit.


If you have goods in your attic of loft which you wish to be removed, then there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Either you can move the items from the attic into another room for them to be collected, or the removal company in Bath can retrieve them from the loft for you. However, if you choose the latter option then you must make sure that the attic of loft is adequately illuminated with safe flooring, a fixed ladder and is safe to enter.

Removal Company Bath

Removal Company Bath

Removal Company Bath

Removal Company Bath